Foscarini lights

Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps: night and day, whether they are on or off, they seduce surprise and inspire, moreover Foscarini lights are conceived as design objects that transform spaces which allows Foscarini to bring beauty and stir emotions. Unlike other lighting companies Foscarini designs with an independence from any production constraints, which translates into freedom of ideas.

Foscarini was one of the first Italian companies in the lighting sector to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees the quality of the entire production process. Foscarini is made up of two words “Create light” that represent worlds apart, when separated, and a powerful vision when reunited: the world of creating, of shaping the material; and the world of light, of vision, of thought. Wherever we are in the world, We bring with us a unique perspective engrained in Italy’s culture: we prioritize mastery, craftsmanship and most mportantly, our design vision and our lamps are an expression of a coherent vision that guides our creative, aesthetic, and moral instincts.

Like the poet, Foscarini manipulates material to translate a project into a product. With art, we share a creative language and attitude toward ideas.