Raquel Oliva was created in order to meet the need our clients had for good technical advice when it came to lighting. It is made up of a team of lighting designers and architects who provide a comprehensive service for the client.
The digitization process of the company is underway. We have launched our internationalization throughout more than 40 countries and, currently, we have both national and international projects.
Furthermore, we collaborate with other lighting companies such as Santa & Cole, whom we greatly admire.
Right now we are very devoted to and excited about the launch of own collection of Raquel Oliva Collection decorative lamps.

Milan Collection is made up of seven pieces that pay homage to the design capital that is its namesake under Raquel Oliva. They are made of materials such as iron and leather. The designs of the lamps in this collection are made with exclusive and traditional fabrics from Loro Piana, one of the most prestigious Italian fabric firms in the world.

Raquel Oliva’s Sahara Collection is inspired by the magical desert sunsets, in which the sun and the sand come together to offer one of the most impressive shows in the world. The eight lamps in this collection are made in different varieties of marble, ranging from earth tones to browns, combined with fabrics such as linen or velvet, in neutral colors.

Santa & Cole and Raquel Oliva join to present Tripod “Mediterráneo”, The “Trípode” family was created with the aim of humanising neutral spaces through the use of color. In this way, when lit, the ribbon screens provide a characteristic warm light which is rich in nuances, while when unlit, they form a volumetric sculpture that adds grace to any space.