Our story begins in 1973, in the Brianza region of manufacturing excellence, thanks to an instinct.

We wanted to create works of art where artisan mastery, raw materials of the highest quality, and the quest for quality are the undisputed stars.

A job well-done means time and attention, and this is what we love … the reason we have always chosen to design our pieces using careful and scrupulous workmanship, where our experience reflects the utmost quality.

With this in mind, we create each of our pieces as a unicum, unique and one-of-a-kind, where perfection and attention to detail are what drives us.

Our furniture is a dialogue of love between technique and passion. Each piece is a masterpiece of extraordinary refinement, a synthesis of fine Italian craftsmanship, and testimony of our craft expertise, which has become our most valued legacy. A treasure we protect each and every day and share with those who seek elegance as their lifestyle.