Botanical Bliss Dubai Design Week

During the 10th edition of Dubai Design week November 8 -11 2023, Maison Lamassu had the opportunity to showcase its iconic collection which is curated from its prestigious brands, presenting its most diverse and ambitious items to this date. The brand transformed its space into a Botanical Bliss inspired by biophilia which means a love for nature and natural elements as seen in our products, Highlighting the concept of bringing the elements of the outdoors indoors.

The convergence of creative minds and exceptional talent was truly inspiring. The amazing designers present showcased innovation and brilliance of products from our brands including Baxter, Living Divani, Teckell, Driade, Gardeco and more making this event a true celebration of design excellence.

Maison Lamassu truly appreciate the meaningful meetings and connections created with you and as your presence made a huge impact to our event.